Good Luck With That Bridge

A progressive's attempt to understand the other side

Good Luck with That Bridge

Some optimistic progressives say we need to build a bridge to President Donald Trump’s supporters. We, so it goes, can find some sweet spot commonality with them, a Bernie Sanders-populist-working class coalition that can transcend all racial and other divisions to stick it to the 1%. That’s a very shiny bright bridge, but I’m not buying it.

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Slow-Grinding Wheels Will Run Over Trump

It’s easy to think that President Donald Trump got away scot-free with firing FBI Director Jim Comey, and is also going to beat the Russia Rap. After the initial Comey outrage, what next? There were no marches in the streets... Continue Reading →

Enough Tin Hats to Go Around

  I’ve never been big on conspiracy theories. Perhaps I’m naïve, but I have confidence enough that a free press will eventually ferret out any and all major political secrets. There are just too many curious out there—whether it’s official... Continue Reading →

Progressive Schadenfreude

Progressive schadenfreude is a warped joy at a rival’s defeats, countering the deep sadness of the most shocking defeat ever. #WinningMuchTrump? It’s an ecstatic “I told you so."

Truth—And Democracy—In Trouble

Let’s face it, all presidents lie, sometimes for good reasons such as national security, mostly for political, self-serving ones. But President Liar, and now his minions, have become dark masters of the art.

Opposition Later May Be Too Late

A common meme among President Trump’s supporters—and even from some misguided progressives—is that he hasn’t actually done much of anything, so how can we be in such strong opposition already? They argue it makes us look like whiners and sore losers who won’t give him a fair chance, the honeymoon every new president deserves. But with this president waiting too long to oppose him is not an option.

A Visit to Bethlehem

This is not a Christmas story, though it happened that time last year. In some ways it’s more of a Halloween story, though I’m trying not to let fear overtake me. It’s about the cultural—and political—divide after this election, not just in America but even as close as eastern New Jersey versus western New Jersey and a little bit farther in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

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